Unit 1 Cells and Systems

Chapter 1 Cells are the Basic Unit of Life

1.2 Cells

Using an analogy can help people understand science concepts, such as the Newo colony. All cells have similar cell structurs and organelles that carry out different tasks to help support life. The cell theory stats that the cell is the basic unit of life witch means that living things are made up of one or more cells and they make up every living thing. there are 2 groups of cells: prakaryotic and eukaryotic.
The Icthos are a advanced life form that live on a planet smaller than earth. They live in a liquid atmosphere. they have developed a variety of technologies, such as the protection dome(witch is like the cell wall/membrane for a cell). The Icthos have spread across the planet and settled into colonies. One of these colonies is called Newo(pronounced KNEW-OH). Newo is thriving, and the population as increased rapidly, the residents of Newo go about their daily activities, such as ingesting food packets and nutrient fluids (eating sleeping) and dreamdozing(sleeping). there are some seriouse problems that come what they do, such as pollution and a new energy source.

1.2 Introduction page 22
What science concepts can anology help you understand?
It helps you understand how the parts of a cell function.

What is the purpose of each structure and organelle?
The purpose is to ensure the cell's survival.

How many groups of cells are there and what are they called?
There are 2 groups of cells, they are called prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

What is the name of the life form on this planet?
The life form on this planet is Icthos.

In what ways are they more advanced than humans?
They have developed a variety of technologies.

Name one difference between their atmosphere and ours.
Their atmosphere is liquid not air.

Name one of the many colonies the Icthos have spread into.
One colony that they have spread into is the Newo colony.

List 3 similarities in activities done by both the Newo and humans.
We both eat, drink and sleep.

Give 1 reason why the sudden increase in population of the Newo may affect thier lifestyle.
It might affect their lifestyle because they could run out of their daily supplies.

In what way are the problems the Newo colony faces similar to the Earths problems?
The similarties in the problems are the pollution of the planet.

In what way is the Newo colony like a cell?
One way is that its in a protection dome.

Who is responsible for performing all activities within the colony?
The management groups are responsible for performing all activities in the Newo colony.

external image astronomy.jpg An idea of the nearby galaxy where the Icthos are located.