Unit 1 Cells and System

Chapter 2 Human body systems work independently and together

2.1 Body System

2.1 Introduction pg. 54
What do all the organ systems in the body consist of?
Each organ system consists of organs which are made from various tissue.

What does tissue refer to?
Tissue refers to s group of similiar cells working together to carry out a special function.

What can you do to understand what bicycle parts do?
You can think of the systems that make up a bicycle.

What makes the bicycle an efficient machine?
The parts of the systems of the bike working together.

What is a system?
A system is parts that work together as a whole.

The definition of a system is parts of a whole working together. This term applies to the human body because many different systems work indepently, but depend on each other in order for survival. All organ systems consists of main organs and these organs are made from various types of tissue, such as connective tissue and epithelial tissue. Tissue is a group of similar cells working together to carry out a specific duty. This duty is distributed by the brain. Without one part of the body functioning correctly, it may affect the other parts of the body, thus slowing down the productivity and performance of the whole body.