Unit 1 Cells and System

Chapter 2 Human body systems work independently and together.

2.2 The Digestive and Excretory Systems

Introduction page 64
This section talks about the nutrients from five groups that you needed for your body.Including,carbohydrates,
proteins,fats,vitamins and minerals. It also talks about the four stage in digestion: ingesting,digestion
absorbing and eliminating. Diet, the amount and type of food you should eat to maintain health.



What is the body mass the average baby has at birth?
Do not answer the questions

How much times will the body mass increase when you are 14?

What do we need to have when we grow?

How do we get nutrients?

What is the word "diet" means?

What are nutrients?

Name the 5 groups a healthy body requires nutrients from.

What are the 4 stagesin digestion?

What is the digestion system?