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Unit 1 Cells and Systems

Chapter 2 Human body systems work independently and together.

2.3 The Circulatory and Respiratiory Systems

Introduction page 82
This section is about the heart and details about the heart. It shows you what the heart looks like throught X-rays even though it was hard to process. It explains about every detail about the heart such as how much blood it pumps and how many times it pumps. It also explains about what it has to go through to pump the blood, and what happens after it pumps the blood with the oxygen and carbon dioxide.

What does the circulatory system consists of?
the circulatory system consists of the heart, arteries, capillaries, and veins.

What do arteries do?
they are blood vessals that carry blood away from the heart.

What do veins do?
they are blood vessals that carry deoxygenated blood back to the heart.

What happens in our capillaries?
in your capillaries oxygen is released into your body and carbon dioxide is collected.

What happens in our lungs?
in your lungs oxygen is collected and carbon doixide is released into the aveoli.

What is Emphysema often caused by?
emphysema is often caused by smoking.

What are 2 examples of respiratory diseases?
emphysema and pneumonia.

Which organ continues to beat, and move blood throughout our body for our whole life?
the heart.

Our heart approximately pushes how many liters of blood per minute through our body?
approx. 4L per minute.

How many times does an average heart beat per minute?
70 times per minute.

What can blockages in the blood vessels of the heart do to you?
they can cause a heart attack.