4.1 Introduction

Unit 2 Optics

Chapter 4 Many properties of light can be understood using a wave model of light.

4.1 Properties of Waves

This section is about waves. Waves send energy through matter or space. An ocean, a microwave, and a Cd player all use waves. The height of the wave is called the amplitude. The amplitude can also be measured by the depth of the trough (see below diagram). A wavelength on the hand is the space between two waves. What effects the frequency is the distance of the wavelength. If the wavelength is shortens the frequency will increase and vice versa. Depending on how fast and how much energy that is being carried the wave changes. Still all waves have similar characteristics.

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What does waves transfer through matter or space?

What is amplitude?

What is a wavelength?

What do waves differ from?

Give 3 examples of properties of waves.

Does waves have many properties in common?

Features of a Wave
Features of a Wave