Unit 2 Optics

Chapter 5 Optical systems make use of mirrors and lenses.

5.2 Using Mirrors to Form Images

5.2 Introduction (shaded paragraph & introduction paragraph) page 182

What kind of images do plane mirrors form?
Plan mirrors form an image that is upright and appears to be as far behind the mirror as the object is in front of it.

What can determine whether an image seen through a concave mirror will be inverted or right side up and big or small?
Depending on the distance of the object.

Images that are upright and smaller than the actual objects are formed be what type of mirror?
They are formed by Concave Mirrors.

What type of mirror is most often used and looked at?
Plane mirror is the type of mirror that is most often used and looded at.

Describe this type of mirror.
It is a flat,smooth mirror.

What four other things might we see our reflection in?
Spoon,quiet pool of water,shop window and wavy mirrors in amusement parks.

external image aton490l.jpg this is a video on weird mirrors