Unit 2: Optics

Chapter 4: Many properties of light can be understood using a wave model of light.

4.1 Properties of Waves

A Water Wave Moves Energy, Not Water pg. 137

Do water waves carry water along with it?
No, water waves do not carry water along with it.

What moves forward with the water wave?
Energy moves forward with the water wave.

What kind of property do they share?
Waves carry energy without transporting matter.

Water waves carry nothing but energy along with it. Many think that they carry water or matter forward with it, but they do not. Lots of different waves share this property. The energy comes from underneath, so it makes a wave on the surface. When the waves have passed, the water then turns normal again.

Here are some cool water wave videos for you to watch:
Some people use water waves for fun, like in this video!