Unit 2 Optics

Chapter 4 Many properties of light can be understood using a wave model of light.

Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Beyond Visible Light Pg 153

1. What is the most important source of light on earth?

2. Where does the light radiate from?

3. In what direction does the light spread out to?

4. What is radiant energy?

5. Name a visible energy.

6. Is the light we see the whole spectrum of energy?

This section is about how energy or light travells from the Sun and other stars in all directions. The Sun is the most imprtant source of light on Earth. Light spreads out or radiates from a star like spokes from a bicycle wheel. Energy that radiates is called radiation energy. The Sun radiates visible energy which we call light and invisible energy. the light we see is only a small part of bigger spectrum of energy.