Unit 1 Cell and Systems

Chapter 1 The cell is the basic unit of life

1.2 Cell

Cell theory is the idea that cells are the basic unit of structure of all living things. Another word for cell theory is cell doctrine. Cell theory shows that all organisms are made of units called cells. Many years ago, scientists used obsolete compound microscopes to view cells. Robert Hooke from British Colombia, was one of those scientists. Robert, showed that living things contatin empty room-like compartments which he named "cells". In 1865, approximately two hundred years after Robert Hooke discovered cells, Matthias Scheiden and Theodor Schwann believed that all living things are made of cells.

1.2 Cell Teory page 31-32
Who first articulated the Cell Theory?
-Robert Hooke.

Which two German scientists suggested that all living things are composed of cells?
-Matthias Schleiden and Theodor Schwann.

What did the French scientists Louis Pasteur show by performing a controlled experiment?
-Louis Pasteur showed that bacteria cannot grow and repoduce unless bateria is already present. This proved that living things can only come from other living things of the same type.

What is the modern Cell Theory?
- The cell is the basic unit of life.
- All organisms are composed of one or more cells.
- All cells come from other living cells.

Referring to the Cell Theory, are all organisms composed by more than one cell?
-No, an organism can be made up of just one cell.

Trus or false:
You put sweaty underwear and husks of wheat in an open jar to produce mice.

A plant cell


An animal cell