Unit 2 Optics

Chapter 5 Optical systems make use of mirrors and lenses.

5.2 Using Mirrors to Form Images

5.2 Using Mirrors to Form Images page 186

Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors are mirrors that curve outwards and reflect light rays to form an image. They function by reflecting parallel light rays in the opposite way of concave mirrors. The light rays are reflectd as if they came from a focal point behind the mirror. Diverging light rays are rays that spread apart after reflecting. The reflection of an object from a convex mirror always have two things in common: they appear to be smaller than they are, and more objects can be seen in them than in a plane mirror of the same size. Convex mirrors are used in stores and buses for the latter reason.
(Shown below: a convex mirror)

1) What is a convex mirror?
-a mirror that curves outward

2) Describe diverging.
-light rays that spread apart after reflecting

3) What are the two main characteristics of a reflection from a convex mirror?
-objects appear to be smaller
-more objet can be seen

4) What is the difference between a convex mirror and a concave mirror?
-concave mirror curves inward
-convex curves outward

5) What are some uses for convex mirrors?
-security mirrors
-widen the view of traffic

6) How is the reflection from a convex mirror different from a regular mirror?
-not realisticc

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Click the link below for a cool convex mirror video.

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